What is the Purpose of a Landing Page?

 What is the Purpose of a Landing Page?



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A landing page, in simple terms is a web page that takes visitors to another page on your website. The purpose of a landing page is either to convert a visitor into either a lead or a paid customer. Landing pages are also used as a part of an e-mail marketing campaign. A landing page also known as a landing webpage, when used as part of the email marketing campaign contains a single link to a product or service which is being sold by the company. In short, a landing page basically brings the customer to where you are.


Landing pages also play a vital role in directing traffic to paid advertisements on other websites, such as Google AdWords. If you have a website with lots of traffic, then chances are you will also have paid advertising campaigns. By using landing pages to direct visitors to these paid advertising campaigns, you can easily achieve conversions, especially in the context of marketing products and services to people who may not be directly interested in them but at least know they exist.


So, what is the purpose of a landing page? In a nutshell, it is nothing but a web page that have the sole purpose of getting you a lead for the given purpose i.e. a sale. You should only have one landing page and make sure that it focuses completely on the purpose you want achieved. For instance, if you are selling baby products, you don’t need to bother about having a separate landing page for selling baby shampoo; the main focus of the page should be on how you can best promote the products you are offering.




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