How To Use Landing Pages To Convert Visitors Into Leads Or Customers

How To Use Landing Pages To Convert Visitors Into Leads Or Customers



A landing page is one page that a user is able to land on, however in the internet marketing world, it is normally a standalone page, separate from any other webpage or section, which serves a single and very focused objective. Essentially, a landing page will be any web page a visitor arrives on after they have clicked on an advertisement and are now on the search engine. This page will usually contain some sort of sales pitch – usually a squeeze page – and will try to get the user to follow through with a purchase. In many cases, a landing page will be the first page a user comes to and will contain only a few links – typically just one, as opposed to the multitude of links that are scattered all over the top of any website. One reason that landing pages are so important to an internet marketing campaign, is because of the fact that most internet users spend less than 10 seconds on a page before they completely exit the page.

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As an internet marketer, I am always on the lookout for new ways to drive more traffic to my websites. In order to do this, I need to build relationships with my customers, and one of the best ways to do this is through the use of article marketing. The main reason why article marketing is so effective is because people trust the quality of articles that have been submitted to the directories. Therefore, if I use landing pages to redirect traffic from a sales page to my home page, it will give me a much higher conversion rate than I would if I just wrote a simple sales ad and placed it on a directory.


There are a number of different landing page techniques that I use to increase my conversions, and I will talk about them below. One technique I use is called « call to action ». With this technique, I ask the reader to click on a link that is in my resource box. This action is followed by an email from me with my sales pitch and a request for my contact information. With this technique, I am ensuring that the reader is only prompted to contact me after they have completed the action I ask of them. This is an excellent way to convert visitors into leads, and if you implement it correctly, you will see a lot of success from your affiliate business.




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