How Important is Landing Page Optimization?

How Important is Landing Page Optimization?



If you’ve ever tried to make money online, you’ve probably heard about landing pages. Or if you are currently trying to build a website, or improve one, you’ve probably run across this term before. Fair warning, this post is going to be a pretty comprehensive overview of landing pages, which means that it is no shortest read. But, before you get too far, I should probably tell you why exactly landing pages are a crucial part of the whole internet marketing puzzle. Most websites are nothing more than a list of links leading to other websites but there are a few key differences between websites that have traffic and those that don t have any traffic. If you ever wanted to sell something on the internet, you would need to have some kind of traffic, but you could also build a website without any traffic by simply having a really good sales letter.

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So, what makes a landing page? Well, apart from making sure that you have as many links leading to your website as possible, you want to make sure that each link is leading to a particular page on your website that has content that will interest your visitors. For example, if you are selling a treadmill, your first goal might not be to sell to your future customers, but to convince your existing customers to buy one.


That is the power of landing page optimization. Your goal is to convince your visitors to stay on your page, stay on your webpage, and stay on your opt-in list. The key to success is to have one great headline that entices your visitors to read more. If you can pull this off, you are well on your way to earning some serious money as internet marketers. There are tons of resources available online for improving your writing skills, and if you want to write like a professional, I recommend that you look into one of the most powerful and successful internet marketers out there today




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