Landing Page Tips for App Users

Landing Page Tips for App Users



Landing page

Landing pages are one-paged, highly-focused advertisements that direct your prospects to an « offline » site where they can either order your product/service, or sign-up to your email mailing list. Think of them much like an online flyer for a local business but instead of directing your prospects to the front door, you send them directly to the store. Many times, these pages contain a form for your customer to enter their name and email address in order to receive more information about your company. Your website then redirects them back to the landing page. Most times, this means your website and/or email newsletter has been mentioned on another web page – but not in a way that your visitors will know which site it came from.


Landing pages often serve as an « outlet » for other pages on your site. For instance, if you have a blog that also contains a sales page, your landing page could direct visitors to that page as well. If you include links on your homepage (like the blue « x »), you can direct interested visitors to other pages on your site where they can subscribe to your mailing list, purchase your products, or request more information. Additionally, you may want to include a link to a special « pre-sale » offer on your landing page – something only available to new customers who have signed up for your mailing list. Linking these offers to the signup form on your homepage helps you get new leads while at the same time increasing the chances that interested visitors will buy from you once they are a member of your list.


The secret to effective landing pages is to create them with the Google app. App Apps are like web links within your web site that perform functions similar to links found on a web page. They are hyperlinked phrases that serve the purpose of directing readers to additional pages on your site. To create your first Google app, go to the Google tools section and select « app settings ». Under the section that says « links » you will see a link labeled « Google App Links ». Click on this link to open up the options available for linking to external sites.



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A very good pdf book to create great landing pages



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