How Does Landing Pages Work?

How Does Landing Pages Work?



A landing page is a specific web page designed to accomplish one objective: conversion. It is an excellent asset for your internet marketing or online advertising campaign. This page could appear at the very end of a search engine query, as a response to clicking a search engine result link, email campaign, ad or social media advertisement. It may appear in response to an online questionnaire or market research.


With the advent of web 2.0 design techniques and with the increasing popularity of online business, landing pages are experiencing rapid growth. This is a result of both the industry and the customer demands. An excellent landing page provides the user with a fast, easy and pleasant online experience that can convert to a strong online relationship. A landing page also drives traffic and helps in marketing campaigns. It helps create a first impression, builds trust, and builds credibility and confidence.


Landing pages work as online sales letters. They encourage visitors to contact you, follow through with your offer, and generate sales leads. How do landing pages work? They encourage visitors to take action such as registering for your email marketing list, downloading or printing a free report, or visiting your website. Your landing page directs these potential customers to a specific call to action and invites them to « opt-in » to your marketing list. The « opt-in » process is the act of providing the correct details required by the website, such as name, email address and other contact details so that they can be contacted.




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