Why You Need to Optimise Your Landing Page For Conversions


Why You Need to Optimise Your Landing Page For Conversions



We all know that internet marketing is a numbers game – you either have to get thousands of visitors, or you have to get thousands of visitors who are interested in what you have to offer. But how can you use content marketing to improve your landing page’s conversion rate? The landing page in internet marketing is usually called the landing page (or splash page, as it’s also called), because you are first shown to your ‘landing page’ and then directed to where you want to go next. It is this landing page that you are seeking to convert – if you are unable to turn a visitor into a subscriber or a buyer, then you have failed in your internet marketing strategy. This article will discuss why you should create a landing page, and then share with you some examples of how to use content marketing on your landing page to improve your conversions.


A landing page is just a single page that exists for the sole purpose of getting visitors to perform one specific action – i.e. subscribe to your mailing list, purchase your product, sign up to your email list etc. because it gets highly targeted traffic from various social networking campaigns, say via a Facebook campaign promoting a free ebook or an email marketing campaign offering a free whitepaper. Because these landing pages receive such low traffic, their conversion rates often aren’t very high at all – especially if you have poor content. This is why a good landing page optimization campaign should focus mainly on creating good quality content that is helpful to your visitors. Because it is so difficult to get visitors to your homepage, content marketing is becoming increasingly popular with internet marketers to generate targeted traffic to their homepages.


The purpose of the landing page is to direct visitors to one final landing page where they can submit their name & email address to receive further information and/or to make a purchase. In order for this page to be effective, the lead should be instructed to leave his or her contact information such as email address and name when submitting the form. This ensures that the leads do not leave their contact information outside of the page where they are promised to be contacted by the business owner – thereby ensuring that they are all included in the email list.




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