How to Design a Good Landing Page?

How to Design a Good Landing Page?



Landing pages are a vital part of lead generating, as they’re a first major tool to collect contact information from visitors and improve conversions. An effective landing page removes distractions and simplifies the sign up process, so the layout of your landing page is crucial to its effectiveness. Ideally your landing page should not only be attractive, but it should be simple and easy to navigate through. Allowing visitors to just jump straight into the sign up process is a major mistake and can often result in sign ups that end up on the back burner or in the spam folder. Landing pages should always be user-friendly, whether you have a sales page or a help page for your company. In some ways the success of a landing page relies heavily on how friendly it is and should be designed around the needs of the customer.

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Many websites try to rush through the creation of a landing page by cramming in a lot of flashy visuals, and other fancy visual effects. These visuals should only make a brief appearance on the screen, and the text on the page should be straight to the point and easily readable, with no distracting images or links. The idea behind loading a page with visuals within eight seconds is that the visitor should be able to scan the page quickly, and understand the purpose of the site in a relatively short period of time.


The title and headline are the most important part of the design and should be catchy, clear and highly targeted towards your audience. The first sentence and first paragraph of the body of the site are also highly important parts, because the first few seconds of a visitor’s mind is the most likely to be on the importance of the site. However, the visitor may glance away from the landing page and return to the site later to do some more research.



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