Effective Marketing Strategies For Landing Pages

Effective Marketing Strategies For Landing Pages



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A landing page is a critical component of your internet marketing campaign and is designed to drive traffic and lead them down the conversion path. When looking at landing page design, it is important to keep things simple and basic. The first rule to follow when designing a landing page is to keep it straight and to the point. It should only take a few seconds to read, but should offer a clear call to action. It should get visitors to immediately begin the buying process but allow for them to leave the page if they are not ready to buy immediately. Landing pages are extremely important, but you must understand that without good design your conversion rate will suffer.


The next step to take when considering how to design a good landing page is to create a well crafted funnel. The funnel is comprised of three separate components; the offer, the sales letter, and the call to action button. Each of these components has to work together to pull the visitor into the sales funnel, but it is the overall effect that give you the best conversion rates. Landing pages need to pull visitors into the conversion funnel as soon as possible, but not once they have already left the page. Inexperienced marketers often make the mistake of pushing visitors onto the sales page before having them opt-in to the list or fill out the form, both of which are sure ways to lose a potential customer.


Finally, the last component of a landing page is your social media strategy. If you want to ensure the greatest conversion rates on your landing pages you must take full advantage of social media. If you simply have links to your site from your social media profiles, it will do absolutely nothing to help your conversions, in fact it could end up working against you. In order to have the greatest impact on the traffic that visits your website you must use the traffic that you have to encourage them to sign-up to your list, buy from you, or even to contact you in some other way. Building a relationship with these visitors can be one of the most effective marketing strategies around, and social media integration can help you achieve this.



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