How to Design a Good Landing Page?

How to Design a Good Landing Page?



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Landing pages are vital components of your online marketing strategy and help companies develop effective marketing campaigns to promote specific products and services better. A landing page is a critical part of your overall design strategy and aims to attract visitors to a website and drive them deeper into the conversion funnel by detaching them from their email inbox or RSS feed and directing them to an opt-in page for further information or to complete a survey. This article is designed to answer the question, « How to design a good landing page? » and to give you an idea of how to go about designing your landing page for best results.


Effective landing pages work in tandem with other marketing campaigns to increase sign-ups, customer conversions and overall sales. Therefore, it’s important to first work out how you want your readers to be lead to once they’ve clicked on your squeeze page. Will you provide them with an opportunity to subscribe to your list or newsletter? Or will you want to direct them to one of your product pages so that they can buy directly from you?


Once you know the exact steps you need to follow to guide visitors to your opt-in page or another form to complete a survey, you’ll need to build a strong landing page. The most effective landing pages are designed using two separate elements. First, the headline and title of your page contain strong incentives to encourage visitors to fill in the opt-in form. Second, the body of your page contains the required information to persuade visitors to either subscribe to your list, take the survey, etc. The most effective landing pages contain these two elements, but if your marketing campaign consists solely of banner ads or text links, then the effectiveness of your page will be reduced significantly.




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