High-Quality Traffic From Google AdWords Using the CTAs in Landing Page Design

High-Quality Traffic From Google AdWords Using the CTAs in Landing Page Design



A landing page is incredibly important  because intentionally creating the prospect’s entire experience from visitor to lead or from visitor to customer you are increasing the conversion rate of your online marketing efforts, make money, and create more leads. How many sales pages do you see that have an opt in box to receive more information? How many landing pages do you see that have a call to action? If you want to convert visitors into leads or customers then you must design your landing page properly. Here are some tips and strategies for getting the most out of your landing page.

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First, think about it Are you driving traffic to your website from Facebook? Most likely not. You probably already know that Facebook and other social media websites are not well known as sales funnels, but you are sending people who are actually interested in your brand to your sales page in order to « like » or share your page. In order to get the most out of the interaction from your Facebook audience, you must use Facebook’s recommended tools which is the way to drive targeted traffic.


Second, think about how you are using these social media sites. Many people report having mixed results with Facebook, especially compared to other methods of marketing such as pay per click. There are a number of reasons for this. Some of these reasons include; people are not Facebook fans, they do not have time to spend on social media, they are not comfortable on the platform, etc. There are ways around all of these problems but if you are not employing strategies for Facebook marketing, you are leaving money on the table.


The third thing to keep in mind when designing  your landing page or any other online marketing content      is to create a strong and compelling promise. If you have a product that you want people to buy, but you are unable to deliver the promise, no one will buy. It is important to understand this. One of the most effective ways to create a compelling promise is to link it to something that people need. For example, if you offer an e-book as part of your free newsletter, people will see that you are credible and someone they can trust, so they will be more likely to open and read your newsletter.


The fourth strategy that is equally important when it comes to building traffic and pushing your website is building links to your landing page. One of the easiest and fastest ways to create links is through social proof. What is social proof? Social proof is the idea that because something has already been proven to work, you should also believe that it will work. For example, if someone posts a review on a new product on a popular site like Amazon, the product review is considered to be social proof that the product works.


Fifth, to generate leads and convert them into sales you need to use other forms of marketing. You should include free offers, article marketing, email marketing, classified advertising, and a variety of other strategies to market your landing pages. There is no reason for you to use only one or two methods, because you should diversify your efforts. By diversifying your marketing, you increase the possibility that people reading your article or email will open the emails that you send them.


Sixth, you must always keep your promise to your prospects. If you don’t keep your promises, you will never get anyone to buy anything from you. People will not trust someone who does not show any sign of having the motivation to succeed. In fact, the more motivation that you show in writing your sales copy, the more likely your prospects will open and read your emails.


With these strategies in place, you will soon be able to reach the high-quality traffic that you want. However, it is important that you do your research before using these techniques. In particular, you should look for the top landing page techniques that are used by the top marketers in the world. By following this advice, you should find that you can quickly build up the number of visitors to your site with a little help from high-quality traffic from Google AdWords and other tools like the cta strategies discussed in the above referenced study.




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