How to Achieve Landing Page Optimization

How to Achieve Landing Page Optimization




An effectively optimized landing page makes it very easy for users to know the offer offered on the site and then click on the call-to-action button to take action. Therefore, landing-page optimization is basically the process of enhancing a landing page with the aim of increasing the number of visitors that take the required action. It is the most important component of online marketing strategy.

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In fact, the title of your landing page is more important than the rest of the content. Research shows that visitors spend only 45 seconds to decide whether or not to read further. The headline is the biggest factor that influences this decision so you should create a headline that provides the visitor with the reason to move ahead of the rest of the content on your site.


For example, if you are selling dog grooming equipment and you have written an article entitled « Tips to grooming your pet » then the chances are that half of the visitors will ignore the headline and move straight onto the body of the article or onto the next page. This is why most online marketers use a combination of traditional lead generation landing pages and automated email follow up systems. The headline and lead generation landing pages should be designed in such a way that visitors get the best out of your content and also have reasons to stay on your page. They will return and again provide you with lead information.


A good landing page should include a clear call-to-action.  Users like to be told what they should do right away. For example, if you are selling dog grooming equipment and the headline states « buy a collar » then you know that visitors will immediately click through the call-to-action and be directed to a landing pages with more specific content.


Ideally, landing pages should be split test tested with one main type of ad. It does not matter if you split test with split tests, split test tracking or split test ads – the main types remain the same. You need to create two versions of your landing page. The first version will be the static one that people see when they land on your website. The second version will be the tracking version. Your goal is to track the conversion rate on these two pages and identify which one provides you the highest conversion rate.


All-in-one marketing platform for online entrepreneurs . To measure conversion rates, you will need to provide visitors with a Facebook URL and a description of your target customer. If you are using a landing page on your website, then you can add a hyperlink to your website’s main page and have visitors click through to « Learn More ». This will track their interaction with the Facebook landing page.


If you are using a mobile based website, then the conversion rate will be higher on your first page than it will be on your second page. Let’s say that you have two landing pages – a mobile-based landing page and a landing page with a standard HTML page. On the first page, you have the 5% conversions. On the second page, you have 75% conversion. It would make sense that the mobile page is easier to convert than the standard landing page.


To maximize the results of landing page optimization, you must always focus on providing visitors with a good experience. Visitors will not spend money if they do not know that they will benefit from what they are clicking on. To do this, you must add visual content. If you are writing content to share with your audience, then it will increase conversion goals. If you are creating content for your own products/services, then it will increase your ROI.




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