How to Create a Landing Page That Engages Visitors

How to Create a Landing Page That Engages Visitors




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 Landing page or lead capture page is the primary gateway that captures your visitors’ names and email addresses. However, many of the best internet marketers are okay with merely sending all of their paid traffic to a single landing page. This personalized method totally devalues all of the effort of segmenting even from the very beginning. Therefore, if you would like to make a serious living online, you should not only use the exact same landing page for all of your e-mail marketing campaigns, but you should also use different post-link landing pages for different segments.

Landing page with different post-links are definitely the cheapest way to increase conversion rate without increasing overall website costs. However, the problem with this approach is that most Internet marketers do just the opposite. They build a gigantic list of subscribers that consist of visitors who have visited one single webpage, but in order for these visitors to convert into actual buyers they need to be exposed to a plethora of different post-links and landing pages.

This means that for every visitor who lands on your site from one single webpage – your landing page – you need to generate ten or more unique visitors who have come from a different webpage. This is obviously impossible. So, what do you do? You simply split the difference by creating ten different landing pages that cater to different segments of your target audience. It might seem like you’re wasting your money – but that’s because you’re assuming that all of your targeted visitors are on one landing page and that all of your targeted customers have already made up their minds to buy.

This is a big mistake. The best way to start writing a post-link or landing page script         that converts is to start writing from the audience’s point of view. What does your audience want to know? How can you make them feel like they have done a good job finding something they want? Once you start thinking like your audience, you’ll be able to write better sales copy and create better conversion rates.

One example of landing pages is your thank-you page. If you’re selling a camera or other digital media product and the person buying it has a pressing need, like taking photos of family or friends, then a thank-you page could be a great place to put it. Offer them a free report or video in exchange for their email address. After they’ve submitted their information, you can contact them via email, phone call or instant message. As mentioned above, it’s important to make them feel as if they’ve been helpful by offering a free offer.

Another landing page that accomplishes two goals at once is a message match with your traffic source. Let’s say you build up a large opt-in list of visitors to your site, but you don’t have much conversion because you haven’t made it easy for your visitors to find your value proposition. Visitors may have left their contact information and URL, but not followed it to your opt-in page. That means that they didn’t buy anything, so your message match with your traffic source should be to persuade them to give you their name and email address in exchange for more information. Your messages should make it clear that what you’re offering is useful to them.

There are other ways to combine these two strategies. For example, if you’re targeting a segment of Internet users who aren’t buying anything today, but are very likely to buy something tomorrow, then your landing pages or post-click landing page can be constructed around a single post-click keyword phrase. You can also construct your headline and body based around one keyword phrase. By combining these two powerful strategies, you can guarantee success on your landing pages for your post-click landing page campaign for that day.

When you start writing articles and blogs that are to inform your visitors and draw them into your page, make sure that your message is clear. Communicate to your visitors clearly what value proposition you are offering. Don’t assume that your visitors will already know what your offer is because you’ve failed to start writing articles and blogs that tell your visitors to your advantage. If you take the time to do this, then you will have more visitors and higher conversions.




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