Top 7 Benefits of Landing Pages


Top 7 Benefits of Landing Pages



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In online marketing a landing page is a single page that is created in response to a lead capture offer. When a visitor engages in the capture process and submits their name and email address for future follow-up information or to receive promotional offers, the on-page landing page will be created. These pages are responsible for substantially increasing the conversion rate of a lead. Many businesses overlook the importance of landing pages, but without these pages, much of the lead generation and follow up efforts will be wasted. In this article I will discuss the importance of landing page creation for online businesses.


Most companies realize the benefits of having dedicated marketing professionals create custom landing pages that are specific to their business. These professionals often have expertise in the particular niche they are working in, making them a valuable asset. For smaller organizations without a dedicated marketing team, it can be difficult to hire someone who understands your niche and how you want your visitors to engage with your website. However, specialists in your specific niche may be more likely to generate leads and keep visitors on-page longer, resulting in a higher conversion rate.



How to Create Great Landing Pages



Landing pages have many benefits when it comes to driving website visitors to conversion. First of all, landing pages allow the website owner to display personal interests, such as hobbies, skills, and favorite passions in a less distracting way. Personalization of interests allows visitors to connect with the website and its offerings. Moreover, visitors tend to stay longer on websites that feature personalized touches and interactions. This increases the probability of making sales and maintaining a strong relationship with current customers.


Most website owners, however, are unfamiliar with landing page optimization. They don’t understand the full importance of landing page optimization. In fact, many are unfamiliar with any method of getting more website visitors. Instead, they rely on pay-per-click advertising methods and traditional marketing techniques. While these methods do deliver results, they often miss the mark and lead to disappointing conversion rates. That is why it is important to include landing page optimization in your overall plan of action.

Optimizing landing pages  requires several key elements to work together in order to optimize conversion rates. First, the landing page should encourage visitors to take the desired action. There are several common mistakes that website owners make when they are designing their landing pages. For example, they may include text that is too long, ineffective headline text, or the wrong background color, all of which will keep visitors from clicking on the desired action.


As an example, if a visitor to your site is searching for information about your company’s products, services, or marketplace, your landing page best practices should include an effective headline. The headline needs to be designed in such a way that it elicits interest and encourages visitors to further explore your site. Ideally, it will include three things: the name of your company, the company’s logo, and a brief, effective statement that describes the benefits of patronizing your business. In addition to the headline, your page should also contain a tag line that can effectively describe the benefits of patronizing your brand.




How to Create Great Landing Pages



Another element of your landing page is the user experience. This refers to how users will be able to use your website and achieve the desired effect. The best landing page practices target user experience because users form the foundation of your business. If visitors do not easily find what they are looking for, then they will not likely make a purchase.


Finally, visitors should be exposed to all of the elements of your website. This includes the navigation bars as well as the various sidebars. Landing pages provide this structure, which allows visitors to quickly see which parts of your site are relevant to them. When this occurs, conversions increase and the conversion rate improves. With the benefits of landing pages in mind, there is no reason that your advertising or sales tactics should not include this important component of site development.



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