Using Landing Pages to Generate Traffic




Using Landing Pages to Generate Traffic



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In online marketing, a landing page, sometimes called a « front door » or « main body », is a simple web page that quickly brings a visitor to the advertiser’s sales page. The name comes from the fact that when a visitor arrives at a landing page – either on a search engine result page or on a website that directs them to another page – it is the landing page that they are shown. It is usually short and to the point and may include only a few lines of text. It may have a title, an opening headline, and a few benefits. It may offer a free gift if the customer registers or completes a survey, and it may ask for more information.


In online marketing parlance, a landing page is often referred to as a « back link » – a reference to the fact that a visitor who lands on a page with a back link has already been traced through another site to the advertiser’s site. Back links are a means by which two web sites can mutually establish the presence or credibility of one another. In the case of landing pages, the landing page links directly to the advertiser’s site. In the case of back links, the links are hyperlinks within other web pages on the internet. They are designed to point to the advertisers’ sites.



How to Create Great Landing Pages



In internet marketing parlance, landing pages are important because they provide the opportunity for sales. In particular, landing pages provide opportunities to convert visitors into customers. For example, many companies create landing pages that are full of paid-offs product offers and links back to the advertiser’s site, with the main emphasis being on the paid-off offers. The link between the landing page and the advertiser’s site can be a form of conversion marketing. In this case, the landing page sends a signal to the search engine and the user that the page is an affiliate link (even though it is not necessarily made by the advertiser).


The landing page also provides opportunities for the search engine  to send more people to the advertiser’s site. This means that the landing page can get more visitors and thus, more potential customers. The reason why landing pages are so important in internet marketing is that they provide the opportunity to market products to more people than a typical sales page. By using a landing page to advertise a product, the advertiser gets more exposure to their brand and therefore, more chances of building a relationship with a new customer.


There are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account when developing a landing page. These include things like layout, typography, and content. It is always important to ensure that the site is easy to navigate, that it is visually appealing, and that it is easy for users to tell whether they should click on the advertisements or not. All of these considerations are especially important when using a landing page to advertise on the web.


A landing page also needs to have some form of incentive for users to land there. In other words, if you want a user to click on the advertisement, then you need to give them something to do during the time that they are on the landing page. Many times, this will involve some form of incentive such as an audio advertisement, pop-up, or a video. Another common incentive that is used with landing pages is to offer users a free gift if they visit the website. This can either be something like a newsletter subscription, a discount voucher, or even a free eBook.



How to Create Great Landing Pages



Some advertisers choose to use a landing page as part of their internet marketing campaign. This is because it allows them to get a message out to the world without having to hire the costs associated with television, radio, and print advertisements. The potential cost of these traditional advertising methods are very high and often the only way that an advertisement is going to reach the masses is through these expensive media. However, with a landing page the advertising cost is low and the potential reach is much greater. Therefore, for an advertiser this can be a great choice.


A landing page can have a huge impact on the success of your online business. It is important to make sure that you incorporate a landing page into the design of your web site. By doing this you will be able to build your brand online and bring more traffic to your website. After all, people will not sign up for your web site if they don’t know who you are or what your website has to offer. The use of a landing page is an important part of creating a brand online and promoting your business.



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