What Are Landing Page Conversions?

What Are Landing Page Conversions?



It’s important for all internet marketing professionals to understand the difference between landing page and sales page. Landing page is what drives visitors to your site and sales page is what drives potential customers to your site after they land on it. These two pages play integral roles in the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns. Knowing how to write a landing page can help your online marketing efforts.

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, it is important that you keep the co    When you are creating your landing pages it is important that you keep the content  unique to your audience. Since everyone who surfs the internet has a different set of demographic requirements, it is important that your content is customized for each visitor. To get visitors to take action immediately, you must have a compelling, action-oriented content. The following tips can help you craft compelling landing pages that will initiate instant sales on your site.


The title of your landing page is critical to getting visitors to read your content. Make sure that the title is clear and focused on what your site is offering. Avoid vague, whimsical titles that do not accurately reflect the nature of your business. Your title needs to be highly targeted to ensure that it gets clicks from potential customers. As such, include high value keywords in your title and description.


Your landing page content should make your visitor want to take action right away. This means that the copy on your site needs to compel them to take immediate action such as filling out a form or clicking on an ad. High-converting copy may be written using many different forms of content, but all need to encourage visitors to take immediate action. Once your visitors have clicked your landing page, you can use your tracking system to measure the success of your campaign.



How to Design a Landing Page That Will Convert Traffic to Sales



Writing for a landing page requires that you understand exactly what you’re trying to say. It’s important that you don’t ramble on or over do anything as this will turn off visitors. In your copywriting, you want to tell your visitors exactly what they are about to read. You need to make sure that you clearly and concisely deliver your message so that they fully understand what it is that you have to offer.


High-converting copy requires that you choose your words carefully and that you use high value words and phrases in your copy. For instance, instead of saying « free shipping » you could instead state « fifty percent off your next order. » This will immediately get your visitor’s attention and will ensure that they take immediate action. However, it is imperative that you use high value copy components such as « free », « discounts », and « coupon codes » throughout your copy so that your customers know exactly what they are reading.


Most visitors to your site will leave without buying from you. They either didn’t find what they were looking for, searched the wrong product, or clicked away without clicking through to your landing pages to purchase. Because of this, it is vital that you focus on bringing in targeted traffic to your landing pages. You can achieve this by writing articles, creating videos, submitting them to directories, and joining social networking sites where you can market to your target audience.



How to Design a Landing Page That Will Convert Traffic to Sales



The last thing you want to remember when it comes to landing pages is that you should always test and track everything you do. This means that you should write up a report every time you write a new blog entry, tweet something, or submit a new blog post. Once you’ve written up a report, gone through it, and verified that everything you’ve written is true, then you can start to optimize your landing pages. If you perform these actions on a regular basis, your page will begin to climb in the rankings and your conversions will begin to increase dramatically.



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